Our Approach

It’s been our sad experience that many organizations, not yours (tongue in cheek), seek ISO registration because their customers require it. Efforts are deployed to build a quality management system (QMS) which typically means producing a ton of documents that will pass a third-party audit.

TA DA!!!! We succeed where it counts! Yet the “system” just increased internal costs and the organization really did not improve and received very little real value, if any, from the effort of having a lead auditor training.

What suppliers fail to recognize is the “whys” of a formal, disciplined quality management system (QMS) including the many benefits. Customers need, expect, hope, dream, wish, desire, etc., etc., etc. that the implementation process will assist in organizational improvements which net an increase in process capability and improved customer confidence. Implemented QMS requirements have the ability to reduce variation which in turn can decrease costs and improve quality and on time delivery performance resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


What does this mean for you as a supplier? What do satisfied customers do? You got it.

APEX utilizes a simple yet direct approach to helping suppliers “get there”. Working hand-in-hand with organizational process owners’ maps are developed of the systems, at appropriate levels for the organization, which helps the business “see” their processes. By considering the various types of controls for those identified processes, APEX guides and coaches the organization on the appropriate and cost-effective methods used to ensure process control and stability. Implemented measures are also developed so leaders know when processes begin to drift. The data results help to proactively apply needed resources to maintain QMS effectiveness and make any needed changes to the maps, methods, or measures to improve.

Maps, Methods, and Measures with leadership oversight, data review, and direction is a proactive approach in helping businesses achieve organizational effectiveness, and since your business is improving, you might as well get registered with a system that is producing results. Makes sense, right?

This is a one-size-fits-all approach. APEX is not a cookie cutter partner that re-sells previously developed maps, methods, or measures and then works to force your business into their paradigm. If you are seeking a partner to assist in your success, consider APEX, we’ll help you “get there”.

Lead Auditor Training

In addition to assisting organizations in the implementation and maintenance of their QMS, APEX also offers Lead Auditor Training. This training is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct effective internal audits and external supplier/vendor audits.

Our Lead Auditor Training follows the guidelines set by ISO 19011:2018, which outlines the requirements for auditing management systems. Participants will learn how to plan, conduct, report, and follow up on audits in accordance with ISO standards. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of quality management systems and their role in ensuring organizational effectiveness.

By investing in Lead Auditor Training for your employees, you are not only enhancing their skills and knowledge, but also strengthening your organization’s overall QMS. A strong team of trained auditors can help identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with ISO standards, and increase customer satisfaction. Some of our lead auditor training courses include ISO lead auditor training, AS 9100 training, ISO 13485 training, ISO 9001 training, and AS 9100 lead auditor training.