ISO Lead Training Consulting Services

Increase Long-Term Organizational Efficiency

Our consultants conduct deep dive analysis into your business practices and processes. Whether ISO 13485 consulting or serving as your ISO 9001 consultants, our commitment is the same. We gather relevant data and craft a careful plan to help your organization be more effective overall.

We understand that your consulting needs are not just about meeting industry standards or obtaining certifications, you need a partner that can identify weak points in your processes and help you implement a plan that improves your organization’s effectiveness while reducing costs.

Get Certified & Win More Work

It’s all about customer confidence. Management Systems certifications, in any industry, are the most effective way to show your clients and partners that your business has the experience and knowledge to help fulfill their needs. Our consultants are well-versed in the requirements required for certification in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, medical devices, high tech, and many more.

As part of our ISO 13485 consulting process, we’ll make recommendations on the best way for you to obtain the certifications you need in the most cost-effective manner and guide you through the process of becoming a fully registered firm.

Our Approach

At APEX Consulting, we understand that no one knows your business quite like you do. That’s why we always seek first to understand your organization’s most important priorities and objectives.

Our ISO 9001 consultants conduct a full evaluation of your management system and internal processes. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your organization, your overall goals, and customers’ expectations, we’ll help you get there by developing a plan, the best way to meet requirements and improve your organization’s effectiveness.

Our Process

Step One: Observation

  • On-site visit to your facility and gap analysis.
  • Meet organizational leadership and key players.
  • Clarify and document scope and objective of your project.

Step Two: Project Planning

  • Develop and evaluate plan.
  • Review, modify and approve the plan with leaders.
  • Use the plan to conduct an evaluation of work practices.

Step Three: Evaluate and Report

  • Interview and evaluate your team and processes.
  • Internal auditing within the organization.
  • Ensure relevant and valid data is gathered for a successful project.

Step Four: Implement and Improve

  • Develop maps, methods and measures for improving your organization’s effectiveness.
  • Ensure your business conforms to industry standards and authority requirements.
  • Create a plan for continuation of your desired outcomes in the long-term.

Why choose APEX?

Great Communication

ISO 13485 consulting is about taking complex workplace systems and making them simple for our clients to understand in order to improve their organization. It’s really about clarity. When people say they understand, many times they don’t. We provide our client with clarity, clarity of requirements, clarity of the process and clarity about expectations from a customer or third-party perspective. Our ISO 9001 and other specialized team consultants are here to guide you through our consulting process every step of the way.

Hands-on Approach

Our hands-on approach is to understand the details of your business and expected results desired. ISO 9001 consultants prioritize site visits and get to know your leadership team, your people, your culture, and available resources. Our consultants dive deep into your organizational processes so we can provide an easy-to-understand solution tailored to your business’ needs.

Industry Experts

Our consultants have decades of experience in the field, including years of expertise in ISO 13485 consulting and serving as ISO 9001 consultants. This background allows them to identify aspects of your process that need improvement, and provide the insights and solutions needed to help you get there.


I had the pleasure of working with Scott Weyburn on a recent project focused on improving our organization's quality management processes. From the very beginning, Scott demonstrated a deep understanding of the principles of quality management and was able to quickly identify areas for improvement within our organization. Throughout the project, Scott was a true partner, working collaboratively with our team to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for enhancing our quality management systems. His expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering results were truly impressive. Thanks to Scott's guidance and support, we were able to achieve significant improvements in our quality management processes, resulting in improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced costs. I would highly recommend Scott Weyburn to any organization seeking to improve their quality management systems.
Huish Outdoors
Scott made the course enjoyable. The content is not exciting in any sense, but Scott kept everyone engaged and interested.
Scott - it was very well taught. He had a ton of knowledge and answered every question the way I could understand it

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