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At APEX consulting, we know that simply obtaining certifications and conducting audits won’t give you the competitive advantage. You need a partner who helps pinpoint areas to improve and works with you to enhance your capabilities. At APEX Consulting, we have decades of experience working with organizations, like yours, helping them implement necessary changes that improve their business’ quality management systems performance.

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For over two decades, our highly effective team of auditors, consultants, and trainers have been helping our clients ensure management systems standards are fulfilled and their business goals achieved. From providing training and auditing services concerning quality systems requirements to helping organizations reach their full potential through our consulting services, APEX is here to help you get there. At APEX Consulting, we understand the importance of aligning our efforts to your business strategy.

Our team of tenured and competent professionals have experience in a variety of industries including:

Who We Are

APEX Consulting is a national leader in Auditing, Consulting and Training services. Our mission is to empower and improve businesses and their employees, across all industries to reach their full potential. Our expert team seeks first to understand your organization by assessing and comprehending any unique challenges. No gimmicks or standard templates – it’s customer unique, straightforward consulting that ensures you get the results needed with clarity and simplicity — by these methods we can guarantee sustained progress in reaching strategic and operational objectives.


When it comes to ISO, Ben Martinez knows his stuff. He helped our team at South Valley Specialties build out our internal audit system so we could utilize ISO to become better, faster, and stronger as a company.
Colin Reid
South Valley Speacialties
We have thoroughly enjoyed the expertise that Ben offers. Making ISO less complicated and confusing for our employees who aren’t completely up to date on ISO jargon. We want to make our Quality System work for us, and Ben has certainly helped us through the process.
Brad Christensen
We have been extremely happy with Ben’s auditing services. While other auditors do a good job verifying our conformance to QMS standards, Ben has helped us better understand the big picture or the “why” of our QMS. He provides valuable feedback through his vast experience working with different companies and encourages “best practices” with his recommendations. With his valuable feedback, our system is becoming more integrated into our everyday decisions and more valuable to our bottom line.
Anthony Taylor
Jedcor Dev/Fab, Inc.
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