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Auditing for Improvement

At APEX Consulting, we understand the importance of product quality and safety and process quality in all industries, which is why our internal auditors strive to go above and beyond requirements and utilize a risk-based approach. With years’ worth of experience across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, medical, general manufacturing and more – your organization can benefit from valuable insights that far surpasses what an external auditor will provide; taking into account not only any discrepancies or risks, but also understanding your business’s core objectives in order to offer practical solutions for improvement.

Beyond the data

APEX provides a refined approach for organizations to reach successful process control. Through insightful collaboration between you and our internal auditors, we provide you with an accurate picture of systems which include multi-faceted process controls, that can be assessed for effectiveness. By assessing various inputs, our internal audits aid you in selecting cost effective controls that ensure stability throughout business operations while also providing data feedback so corrections can be made quickly and efficiently.

Our Approach

Our internal audits are professional, effectively planned and executed. Your organization gains measured benefits from our professional internal auditors who have years of experience auditing businesses in various industries such as aerospace, machining, high-tech, medical, and more.

Unlike an external auditor, our contract internal auditors seek to understand your internal processes and goals. Not only will our auditors identify areas for improvement, they’ll provide easy to understand and valuable reports that will help you get there.

Our Process

Step One: Goal Setting

  • Meet with leadership and key team members.
  • Professionally define needs and desired outcomes for each audit.
  • Clarify and document scope and objective of your audit.

Step Two: Plan Development

  • Develop and evaluate audit plan.
  • Determine feasibility.
  • Review the plan with leadership and modify as needed.

Step Three: Conduct Audit

  • Based on scope and objective we’ll interview and evaluate the right people and processes.
  • Ask questions, interview employees, team members, and partners.
  • Ensure relevant and valid data is gathered specific to the scope and objective of the audit.

Step Four: Identify Deltas & Improve

  • Take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Improve opportunities identified during the auditing process.
  • Use risk assessment to update processes and solve issues identified in the audit.

Why choose APEX?

Great Communication

At APEX Consulting, our specialty is assessing complex processes and systems and providing easy to understand documented results. Our team of auditors are here to provide clarity in results, for you to improve.

Hands-on Approach

We believe that in order for auditing to be effective, it must be done with your business goals and objectives in mind. That’s why our auditors spend time on-site with your leadership team and employees, getting to know every aspect of your organization so we can help you be successful.

Industry Experts

Our auditors have decades of experience in the field. This background allows them to easily identify aspects of your system which is not conforming to requirements, but also provide valuable insights on improvement areas to help you become more effective and efficient. They stay current on professional certifications, industry trends and audit techniques.


Outstanding Soft Skills – very personable approach, interviewees very comfortable and willing to share information. Good technical knowledge in the industry code. Was able to communicate with the technicians in a language they could understand.
I don’t believe we could have had a better partner in the beginning of this process. There isn’t anything that I know of that "APEX" could have done better. We really enjoyed working with you and your efforts propelled us in the right direction. I have only positive things to say about you and your services. Thank you!
Verlyn Enterprises
Throughout the implementation process Scott Weyburn was attentive and patient. A true professional in all things Scott helped to bring our team up to speed effectively and efficiently. After initial training, instruction, and consulting efforts we passed our initial AS9100 with zero non conformances.
Zero Hour Parts
Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to utilize the consulting services of Scott Weyburn at APEX. Scott...brought a phenomenal value to my efforts. He did so by building upon the strengths of the existing system with additions that would reinforce it. He efficiently offered solutions and took the time to coach, instruct, and demonstrate the what’s and how’s of process refinement, conformance, procedure development, etc. He also made clear that the company and I understood his reasoning and the benefits that could be realized from the changes. Throughout the experience, I felt like Scott went to great lengths to ensure I understood the standard, and he masterfully taught me how to design, implement, and sustain solutions. He also demonstrated that he was committed to steering my company toward long-term success. Scott is, by my observation, an individual of the highest caliber, who fully commits to the task hand. He is perceptive, courteous, knowledgeable, kind, and effective....would I recommend him to another company, colleague or friend? My answer is: whole heartedly yes! I give Scott my highest recommendation. An organization that utilizes his services will most certainly achieve their quality goals and then some. Working with Scott always felt like I was working with a friend whose sole purpose was to ensure the success of my organization and me.
American Equipment


Who better to deliver a Lead Auditor course than the auditing experts at APEX Consulting? Our training suite, designed for those aspiring to achieve certification, is the bridge to conducting impactful audits that elevate quality management systems.

With a curriculum grounded in the essential standards of ISO, including ISO 9001, ISO13485, and AS9100 classes, our courses equip you with the expertise to drive continuous improvement. Dive into our ISO Lead Auditor training to unlock your potential as a certified auditor, backed by the unparalleled experience and knowledge of APEX Consulting’s seasoned professionals.


By participating in our Lead Auditor course, you’ll gain:

  • A deep understanding of ISO standards and their application to quality management systems.
  • The skills to conduct thorough audits that identify and help rectify discrepancies, improving organizational processes.
  • ISO Lead Auditor training includes targeted certification preparation, ensuring you’re equipped to ace your certification exam and enhance your career prospects as a recognized lead auditor across various industries.

APEX Consulting’s Lead Auditor course is your gateway to becoming a key player in quality management, ensuring organizations meet and exceed industry standards.

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