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APEX Consulting is the sought after source for learning quality management systems requirements, compliance, process effectiveness and auditing processes across a variety of industries. Our training offers an in-depth learning experience providing you or your organization with everything you need to know to become a certified QMS auditor. Utilizing our online registration process, e-learning format, and personable, approachable, and tenured instructors – it’s never been easier to obtain the certifications you need to help your organization excel.

These courses are offered in cooperation with DEKRA SERVICES, an Exemplar Global Certified Provider or PROBITAS Authentication Certified course provider.

Our experienced, professional, and certified trainers with decades of industry experience incorporate the best of adult learning techniques for remote learning – so you can get the tools and knowledge you need for certification, and management systems, all without ever leaving your workspace.

We offer the following professional certification courses, and others not posted, please use the contact form or call APEX to let us know how we can help.


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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a set of quality management system requirements that applies to a number of different industries. Because quality management is so important to customers as part of their effort to strengthen the supply chain, having a certification that proves you meet quality system standards will benefit your organization when it comes to stabilizing and improving your processes, reducing costs, becoming better organized, finding partnerships and clients.

ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is a set of quality management system requirements specific to the medical device industry. The medical industry requires a high standard for quality, so producing medical devices comes with its own regulatory requirements. Being able to meet these requirements, which focus on FDA cGMP compliance and becoming certified is vital for organizations involved in the medical device industry.


AS9100 is a set of quality management system requirements specific to the aviation, space, and defense industry. The ASD industry includes a flow down of customers’ requirements– typically OEMs – and is heavily regulated. To be able to operate in these industries, you must meet specific requirements and standards. Our AS9100 certification trainings will provide you a more comprehensive understanding to help you meet these requirements, their interpretation and intent.

Looking for other standards? Please give us a call or contact us using the form below.

Our Approach

At APEX Consulting our trainings aren’t just about obtaining certifications, we approach training in a way that provides you with real-world value. We’ll not only teach you the required knowledge to become certified, we’ll also provide you with scenarios and challenges that give you the real-world experience required to be prepared for the field.

What’s most helpful is the engaging dialogue with the instructors, who are practitioners in industry, and the other participants. Each brings to the course a variety or experience and knowledge so there literally is something for everyone, weather you are new to quality management systems of a seasoned veteran.

We’re here to help guide you through obtaining the certifications you and your business need. Another real value of our trainings is the knowledge you’ll obtain about how to identity weak areas in your business processes and improve your quality management systems. We’ll help you understand the concepts, so you can implement them and help drive results.

Our Process

Step One: Register for a Training

  • Schedule a training for yourself or team online via our online registration tool.
  • Complete the provided documents prior to attending the course.
  • Obtain any required materials.

Step Two: Learn & Develop

  • Attend our online trainings on the dates you registered for.
  • Work with one of our certified trainers to learn and understand the materials relating to the certification course you’re taking.
  • Participate in workshops, hands-on assignments, and class discussions.

Step Three: Evaluate and Report

  • Secure a registrar or certification body to perform your final audit.
  • APEX will help you evaluate your performance and provide feedback if applicable.
  • Receive your ISO or AS certification.

Step Four: Implement Your Training

  • Use the knowledge you’ve obtained to audit your company’s processes.
  • Provide guidance that helps your organization meet ISO standards.
  • Make recommendations for overall improvement and train others on new systems.

Why choose APEX?

Great Communication

At APEX Consulting, our specialty is taking complex concepts and making them simple to understand for our clients who implement systems within their organization. It’s really about clarity. When people say they understand, many times they don’t. We provide our clients with clarity, clarity of requirements, clarity of the processes and clarity about expectations from a customer or third-party perspective. Our team of trainers are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Hands-on Approach

We believe that in order for training to be effective, you need the opportunity to work through real-life scenarios. That’s why we’ve designed our online training, and face-to-face, courses to include workshops and challenges which provide that necessary hands-on experience.

Industry Experts

Our trainers have decades of experience in the field. This background allows them not only train you on the basics, but also provide in-depth training that helps you become an expert in the field as well. We provide you with the insight and comprehensive knowledge needed to help you get there.


The instructor was just not reading off some prompter. He was well informed and is still a practicing AQMS professional. He gave us actual occurrences in the field.
Course Participant
The instructor was very personable, knowledgeable and engaging. He made the subject matter interesting. He took the time to ascertain our needs were met.
Course Participant
The best part of the course was learning about the standard with a great instructor and eager to learn classmates! I learned a lot from a very great, knowledgeable instructor!
Course Participant

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